Dangers And Baptisms

The student who had approached me during the break in class, asking about being a Christian, began coming over to our apartment for Bible study. We explained to her more clearly the nature of salvation since some foreigners before us had apparently given her some incorrect information. She told us she could not meet with... Continue Reading →

Final Call: The Door Swings Open.

After the Lord called me to pastor in Otis Orchards, Washington, I was so excited about going there that I began to concoct in my head many ways to finagle my way in. After all, the man who was the current pastor was in my place. What I was doing is known as trying to... Continue Reading →

Early Years: The Fall.

After I had resigned from the pastorate of the church—or was fired, depending on one’s point of view—we remained in Wilbur where I continued to teach at the tiny Christian House school. Laurie had given birth to our two children previous to that event, and the Lord never failed in His provision for us. I... Continue Reading →

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