Is the Christian God good?

Some will say that He is not good at all. They will bring up the biblical truth that He committed genocide against the Canaanites. It’s right there in the Old Testament. In more recent history, He allowed the slaughter of millions of Jews during World War Two. He allows all kinds of atrocities. If Christians or Jews, such critics say, declare He is all-powerful, then He must be uncaring, because if He is caring, He would have prevented such cruelties; but He didn’t. Therefore, He is either impotent or uncaring. He is one or the other. We can’t have it both ways, they say.

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Did Jesus say, “Go, therefore, and change the world”?

No. Not only did He not say it, no one in Scripture says it or advocates it.

Then why are Christians exhorted to do that?

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In last week’s post, I maintained that vision-casting is a non-biblical, deceptive teaching. I wrote that in this erroneous teaching, the word “goal” had been transformed into the word “vision.” Setting a goal for one’s self, business, or organization is a good idea. But a goal is not a vision. One has an earthly origin, the other a heavenly one. (Please tuck this goal vs. vision truth in the creases of your brain somewhere, because it will come up later.)

The next issue we must deal with is the primary genesis of this false belief. It is just one verse. In truth, it’s half of one verse.

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Did Jesus say, “Go therefore and cast your vision”?

Or, “Go therefore and make vision-casting leaders of all nations”?

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Tomorrow morning, all United States citizens will wake up with a new president. Well, probably, unless there is a recount or ballot-checking or…who knows?

Yes, it’s been that kind of election season.

Some Republicans believe the fate of the United States hinges on the outcome of this election.

Some Democrats think the same.

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This morning, I was immersed in all the weirdness of the election in the United States, until I had conversation with an old friend who was trying to help avert a Christian friend’s marital disaster. She was asking for advice.

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Last week, I listened to a great message from Matt Chandler on the fourth chapter of Exodus. I’m going to draw from that message in this post and hopefully enlarge upon it somewhat. The points I will make here are not those Pastor Matt made. His primary emphasis was Moses’ obedience in faith that caused God’s power to be revealed, and he challenged his church to follow Moses’ example.

It is a wonderful teaching.

The Exodus 4 passage details the exchange between the Lord and Moses in the wilderness. Much can be taught here, but we’re going to focus on acts the Lord instructed Moses to do which were to prove to him, Israel, the Pharaoh, and Egypt that He, God, was sending Moses to bring His people out of Egypt.

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I sometimes ask people if Jesus were to walk into the room in which we were meeting and said, “There are those outside on the street who, if you walk outside with Me, will beat you with clubs and pipes. You will be severely injured and may possibly die. I’m asking you now: Will you follow Me through this door?”

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Leadership. It seems impossible to talk at any length about the Bible or the Church without the topic of leadership being discussed at some point. Rightly so. The men and women in Scripture who did great deeds for and with God were, indeed, leaders. Therefore, it is imperative for us to investigate the thoughts concerning leadership from a man who, except for Jesus Himself, is justifiably considered the greatest leader in the New Testament: Paul. From his perspective, what was the position and function of leaders in the Church of Jesus Christ?

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My wife and I watched the movie Risen the other night. All things considered, we thought it was a helpful film for Christians, at least. Two things stood out to us. First, the film reminded us how faithless the disciples were about what Jesus had plainly told them.

I trust you can relate, if you’re a Christian.

The second helpful thing was how crazy it would have seemed for people to believe that a dead man was walking around and alive, if you hadn’t seen him yourself. That’s when you look at the one who is proclaiming such a thing and say, “Yeah. Uh, huh. Wow. How about that?”

Giving voice to such a reality would make it seem like you are crazy, deluded, simple-minded, or some combination of the three.

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