A couple of days ago, one of the responders to my mindsay blog gave me a link to a movie called Zeitgeist and suggested that I watch it. I don’t watch movies on my computer, and the thought of sitting through the presentation wasn’t exactly enticing. It became even less enticing when this supposed debunking of Christianity began with a mocking joke by—George Carlin.

This is research?

I hope George came to know Him before he died.

The video then launches into attack mode, listing many different religions, the myths of which supposedly closely parallel those of the birth and death of Jesus. Oh brother, I thought, am I going to have to research all these religions and gods to discover if what this guy is saying is legit? My job got a little easier when the attack maintained that the birth date of Jesus and other gods is December 25. I guess the authors of this piece didn’t bother to read the documents concerning the birth of Jesus—the Bible. No exact date is given for His birth in the biblical record. Then there was the part about the three wise men. Again, nowhere in the account of the childhood of Jesus is the number of wise men mentioned. So, because the authors of this “research” hadn’t even bothered to read the Bible, I switched the thing off.

As I thought a bit about the portion that I’d seen, I realized that all the comparisons the video was making concerned gods who didn’t really exist. It was comparing the myths concerning other gods to Jesus, as if He were a myth, too, as if He had never actually lived, taught, healed and died and been resurrected on this earth. Somehow, the fact that the Bible has more reliable extant texts than any other ancient document is lost on them.Why don’t they also deny the existence of Socrates or a host of other venerable personages?

So I understand that this film is creating some problems. Again, I guess I’m too lazy to take the time and effort to confirm or deny all the “facts” that this heretical video professes. But others, thankfully, have. Here’s a couple of sites that might be helpful if someone you know inquires about this.