img_0127One of my wonderful blog friends sent an inspiring email to me. It’s one of those slideshows accompanied by music and encouraging statements and words of wisdom. I loved it. In fact, it’s one of the few pass-along emails that I’ll actually pass along. (For those of you who send such emails, take note. I’ve found almost nothing that I find worthy enough to put into a friend’s mailbox.)

There was one statement in this presentation, however, that I disagree with, and I related that to my blog friend. It was, “Time heals everything. Give time, time.”

I wish time did heal everything, but it doesn’t. God plus time heals everything.  And, even then, we bear the scars. And that’s just the way life is. We love, and because we love, we will grieve when we lose those we love. The deeper the love, the deeper the wound, the more grievous the scar. But the scar is, because we loved, a good scar.

There are good scars in heaven, the most important among them are the ones borne by the Creator of all things. The scars that Jesus bears are deep scars because He loves so deeply. Deeply and unconditionally. I am grateful for that kind of love and pray that I can love, at least in some measure, as He does.