Over ten years ago, Laurie and I taught English in China. (We were also there for just a year in 2001.) On one very special evening, we prayed for several young ladies to receive the baptism in the Holy Spirit. The prayer time began when I laid hands on and prayed for a young lady whom I will call Mary, in order to protect her identity. I closed my eyes, put my hand on the top of her head and—clunk—felt a bonk on my forehead. I opened my eyes and saw that Mary had collapsed onto the floor of our apartment. She began wailing loudly, like she had lost a beloved friend or relative. Since there was a Chinese guard only a few yards from our front door, this was a concern to us. Thankfully, there was no ominous knock on the door.

As an aside, I am not one who promotes what is called being “slain in the Spirit.” I think a lot of it is human-induced and promoted. However, there are times in Scripture when individuals are so overcome with the presence of God that they fall to the ground. And this young Chinese lady knew nothing about the excesses of Pentecostalism.

Later on that same evening, the Lord gave Mary a prophecy, although I regret to tell you that I don’t remember what I said then.

This morning I received an email from this precious Chinese saint. Here is the text. Please keep in mind that this person is writing in a language that is not her native tongue.In fact, German is her second language, English her third. You’ll also notice that she is avoiding the use of Christian terms in order to avoid trouble with the government.

Dearest Jim and Laurie,

Merry Christmas!

It’s always a sweet and joyful thing to get your email.

I am doing well in HIM. And yesterday we just sent the first long term goer to Pak. Will you also think about going to Pak?

I am now the coordinator and trainer new Cross-culture center. Actually there is only one worker in this department.

The prophesy ten years ago through you from FATHER to me is developing: He will give me an office where I can see many doors opened. And HE will work on my weakness so that people can see that the glory comes from HIM!

That must be exciting for you too!

He inspired me to be sender and welcomer. In January i am planning to open an international ladies group. They are from P, Sudan and Algeria.

Please think for all these and specially my weakness, I also taste that it’s a cross road.

Thank you so much for all your heart and thinking for me. I will commit your next year’s step to FATHER.

Yours daughter in Him!