From Voice of the Martyrs’ January 2009 issue:

“On March 21, 2007, Christianah Olluwasesin looked forward to the ending of school that day. That’s because the Christian teacher was to leave the government high school in Gombe, a city in Northern Nigeria, and be reunited with her husband, Femi. But first things first, she had to give her female students their final exam. The exam would test the students’ knowledge of Islam.

To prevent cheating, she collected the book bags of each student and brought them to the front of the class. One of the students began to cry. She told the class that there was a Quran in her bag and by touching the bag the Christian teacher had ‘desecrated’ the Quran inside it. Tears turned to outrage and anger, and soon the class was shouting ‘Allahu Akbar’—God is great.

They began threatening the teacher. A fellow teacher rushed Christianah to the principal’s office. The official locked the schoolteacher in the bathroom to get her away from what was now an angry mob. But outside, the anger was growing.Radical Muslims who lived nearby heard the commotion and ran to the school.

Eventually a mob of Muslim extremists dragged Christianah out of the school and clubbed her to death, then burned her body.

Femi said that even though it pains him, he has forgiven the people who killed his wife. ‘I have no option but to forgive those who have taken my wife’s life away even though justice has not yet prevailed. Even though I can forgive, it is not easy to forget.’

Northern Nigeria has turned into a very dangerous place. Here’s more from VOM Australia:

“The murderous rioting sparked by Muslim attacks on Christians and their property on 28 – 29 November left six pastors dead, at least 500 other people killed and 40 churches destroyed, according to church leaders. More than 25,000 persons have been displaced in the two days of violence, according to the National Emergency Management Agency.

What began as outrage over suspected vote fraud in local elections quickly hit the religious fault line that quakes from time to time in this city located between the Islamic north and Christian south, as angry Muslims took aim at Christian sites rather than at political targets. Police and troops reportedly killed about 400 rampaging Muslims in an effort to quell the unrest, and Islamists shot, slashed or stabbed to death most of more than 100 Christians killed. Among Christians killed was Joseph Yari of the Evangelical Church of West Africa. The Rev. Emmanuel Kyari, pastor of Christ Baptist Church, Tudun-Wada, told Compass that Yari died helping other Christians who repelled Muslim fanatics bent on burning down his church building. ‘Yari was standing beside my wife when he was shot by Muslims,’ Rev. Kyari said. ‘In addition to Yari who was killed, there were also three other Christians who were shot, and two died instantly.’”

Please pray for Nigeria.