Well, good morning—at least it’s morning here in the Inland Northwest.

This picture was on NASA’s Photo of the Day a couple of days ago.It’s an amazing picture of a sunset on Mars.

Just think.You could be living on Mars, enjoying that sunset.

Oh wait.There’s no life there.

I understand our need to search out, explore, investigate, do research. I’ve watched with interest as we’ve tried, over and over, to find life on the most hospitable planet in our solar system. We’re going to keep looking, I’m sure, because we need to prove scientifically that life can spring up spontaneously. Now, why we can’t save ourselves a boatload of money and do that on earth, well, that’s a bit of a mystery. Strange how we think life would appear out of nothing on Mars, yet we can’t do that in the lab. Then, again, I guess we’d have to ask, “Do what in the lab?” because if life appears spontaneously, nothing has to happen, except the existence of that marvelous primordial soup.

It baffles me, it really does, why scientists believe that life could just spontaneously appear out of nothing. They can’t seem to set up just the right set of circumstances in the lab here on earth to cause it to happen—of course, if it did, it wouldn’t really be without some intelligent input would it? So perhaps this is why we go to Mars. We must find a place where it just happened, out of…nothing. Good luck with that. Out of nothing, nothing comes.

Do I hope they find life on Mars? It doesn’t matter to me. If it’s there, the Lord God put it there. But what if it isn’t there? What if we look for a century—we’ve been sending back reports from the landers for about a decade, haven’t we—and find zip, zero, nada? Will we be convinced that life can’t just pop out of the dirt?

Nope. I don’t think so.