The post today is from the writings of man named J. Preston Eby, and the subject is the book of Revelation. As the book of Revelation itself states, it is the revelation of Jesus Christ, not of the devil or the antichrist. After using an interesting illustration, Eby makes a thoughtful point at the end. As you’ll soon determine, the writing is a bit dated, but I think you’ll be rewarded if you push on to the end.

“In one of his Twice-Told Tales Nathaniel Hawthorne describes how a much beloved Puritan minister conceived the weird idea of concealing his face with a veil, and how his people were affected with a sense of painful mystery as he went in and out among them with covered countenance till the end of his days. The girl to whom he was engaged to be married forsook him; the bride trembled before him when he performed a wedding; children cringed when he walked by them on the road; people whispered as he passed. One realizes in an instant, as he imagines the scene, how much the confidence and joy of life depend on our beholding one another, literally with open face! Imagine the change and horror, if one morning every man’s face was covered with a dark veil and impenetrable to his neighbor. Laughter would cease on earth; who then would have the heart for joy and rejoicing under such a cloud? None would be able to comfort his friend, for none could estimate his brother’s sorrow! Neither tears, smiles, joy, pain, sadness, disappointment, appreciation, fear, hatred, or love would ever be discernible! Conversation would languish, for it would have no visible response. Love itself would die when every emotion was masked. The very power of association and the instinct of trust would be destroyed when every man had withdrawn into darkness. Were there no revelation of the face, personality, and character there would be neither faith nor fellowship possible on earth!

With these thoughts in mind we can better understand the vast importance of the revelation or unveiling of Jesus Christ! It is abundantly clear to every spiritual mind that one of the great reasons the world has not found the living Christ is because He has been concealed behind the blinding veil of religion, beneath the restricting façade of tradition, static creeds, lifeless forms, powerless rituals, empty ceremonies, and the corruption of the flesh and the carnality of the natural mind.”