I was perusing the internet this morning and saw this headline on the Drudge Report: “He can save us!  Polls show wave of optimism sweeping nation…”  And this: “Official: Obama ‘a major step’ for humanity…”

I understand the feelings of optimism.  Although, by God’s grace, our family hasn’t been terribly affected by this economic downturn, I’ve logged into some of these feelings myself lately.  They’re out there, that’s for sure.

But they’re scary.  That I think they’re scary has nothing to do with Mr. Obama himself or his racial heritage.  It would be scary no matter who the president elect would be.

Why scary?  It scares me because we have placed so much hope in a mere mortal, one whose life, to use a biblical expression, is a mere breath.  We have done this in the midst of a financial crisis and an unfriendly world.  I don’t mean to minimize the pain people are feeling as they’re losing their jobs or their homes.  I know what it’s like to be poor.  However, no one is dying of hunger or thirst, and there is no rampaging invader rolling down our city streets, killing at whim and at will.

And it makes me wonder what we would do if that latter scenarios was actually the case.

We’re so optimistic now that one man can help us keep our jobs and homes, save our retirement accounts and revive our economy.  We’re hailing him, almost, as a savior.  How would we respond if a person presented himself as someone who had an intelligent, workable plan to end to economic disaster, not just a recession, terrifying famine, bloody chaos in the streets and then actually did it?

He would be more than a savior to us—he would be a god.