A couple of days ago, I posted an article expressing my sadness about the recent changes in the United States in regard to the funding of international abortion clinics and the change at the FDA in its policy about research on human embryos.

I rarely post about issues like this, because they tend to take the focus off of what is most important in life: a relationship with a living God. However, these recent changes have indeed saddened me, and more than saddened me—I see them as an ominous degradation of our culture. It’s not surprising that several have disagreed.

One of the respondents to another blog expressed his/her caution about having people who believed in “an invisible man in the sky” making laws concerning abortion. (An aside here. Making or changing laws about abortion is not a priority for me. As much as, certainly, a nation needs the rule of law, the American society—or any other society—will not and cannot be changed by the enforcement of laws. The American society will be changed by the transformation of people’s hearts by the love of Jesus the Messiah.

But to return to the “invisible man in the sky” comment. I’m glad that I, too, do not simply follow “an invisible man in the sky.” I follow a man who was and is fully God, who came to earth. This man’s primary purpose in coming here was not to teach, although many try to say He was great because He was a great teacher. This man’s primary purpose was not to heal people, although He healed many. No, He told us why He came here to this fallen planet. He came to give His life for us, so we could know His Father.

I honor His choice. I love Him because of what He did. I love Him because He has transformed me, not because I adhere to a religion, but by His Spirit and His love. I endeavor to follow Him, although I continually fall short. So, I ask for help to have the same heart that He has, one of love for God and love and sacrifice for others.