Our trip to India was challenging, a reality check, tiring and—wonderful.

Challenging, because—at least in the cities we visited—there are no physical reasons for one to live there. These two cities are dirty, polluted, and kind of scorched-earth urban poor—where there wasn’t concrete.

A reality check because of the above challenges and because the relational, cultural and political issues we face there are complex, and there are no easy fixes.

Tiring, well, if you’ve ever flown for twenty hours on a jet liner, you know what I’m talking about, and if you haven’t, I’m sure you can imagine what it’s like. One’s body rebels at sitting so long as well as trying to sleep sitting up.

Wonderful, because we had the opportunity to meet some really amazing people. I taught at two training sessions for pastors and leaders. For those of you who are familiar with me through this blog, it shouldn’t be difficult to determine my topics: loving God with all of our hearts and trusting Him. At this training session were some young evangelists, men who put their lives and bodies on the line when they bring the news of Jesus to those who don’t know Him. I had the privilege of hugging them and encouraging them, as well as teaching them. We have a picture of me with them, but it isn’t safe to post it. Such is the present situation in India. We also met a man in another city who, when he received the Lord in his youth, was beaten twice—once into unconsciousness—for his faith by his father and family. He subsequently ran away and lived in a train station. It was an honor to meet a man who had so suffered for his faith. He said, of course, that his ability to endure was completely due to God’s grace.

So, if you add all of these up, it presents a snapshot of our eight-day trip.

What’s next? We’re waiting on the elections in late April in India.After that, we’ll either go there or re-evaluate where we could serve, depending on the election’s outcome.