Yesterday was a bit…puzzling/interesting/troubling in my neck of the woods. I received the following from former mindsay acquaintance, who had received it from a friend.

“The following word is to all the goats (false believers) who play church, who walk as hypocrites, and misrepresent Jesus to a world that is lost and dying.

I have been having a series of night dreams/visions in which I have been placed in dozens of positions of trying to salvage my ‘spouse.’ These have all been simply representations of how the Lord has tried to call to the church to repent before it was too late. These dreams have been heart-wrenching to say the least and in no fashion should the importance of what I am writing be minimized. So intense are these experiences that through this night I woke in a pool of sweat and after a couple of weeks of this series I knew the Lord was now telling me to write of them. That He has been trying to reach out to the church, but without success.

The Lord told me to use a specific word in writing this – of which I truly did not know the definition and had to look it up. But the Lord said – tell “her” she is “pernicious” and I will now NOT deliver her from the troubles that will come upon her. I looked up the word pernicious of course – and, as the Lord is – it was poignant and sobering.

Pernicious =
1. Causing great harm, destruction, or death
2. Wicked or meaning to cause harm
3. Destructive
4. Harmful
5. Deadly
6. Evil
7. Insidious
8. Spiteful
9. Malicious

This is no longer a call to repentance or to turn so that the Lord might save her from the darkness that is coming. This is a proclamation that the Lord has turned from her and He has shut the door and, as the foolish virgins – she will be cast into outer darkness – that meaning into the troubles that are coming upon the world.”