Here’s a portion of a message from Matt Chandler on the nature of sin. Part two tomorrow.

“I’m well aware that some people don’t believe in sin. They think it’s a fabrication on the part of religion in order to control. But even the most relativistic atheist would say that there’s something wicked and evil when you have a scenario like occurred two years ago, where a thirty-four-year-old man kicks open the door of an Amish elementary school and puts a bullet into the back of the head of eleven fourth graders. Even the most hardened relativistic atheist in that moment says, ‘That’s wicked.’ Even the guy who would say that there’s no standard of truth for everyone, there is no universal rule that says this is wrong, this is right, looks at that scene and says, ‘Something’s gone wrong here.’ The one thing we can all agree upon, whether atheist, agnostic or religious, is that something has gone deeply wrong with humanity. The largest section of books in Barnes and Noble is self-help. So something’s gone wrong. Everybody knows it. Everybody’s got a theory on what that is. Biblically, historically, in every way possible, we say that’s sin.

Someone might say, ‘Well, I don’t know. I think religion is part of the problem.’ Religion in the Scriptures is a sin. Outward-in theology in the Scriptures is sinful. ‘Do these things to appease God’ is viewed as wicked as murder in the Scriptures. Sin is the issue. In the past, we’ve talked about sin in regards to breaking the law. Every one of us has broken the Ten Commandments. Has anyone never lied? Has anyone never coveted? All of us, every one of us, whether we were born on cocaine or whether we’ve never partied and our mom gave birth to us on a church pew, all of us have broken the Ten Commandments. Every one of us—no one’s clean—all of you—me included—guilty of the fracturing of entry-level morality. Not complex Christian ethics, just entry-level, on-the-wall-in- kindergarten morality. All of us. Guilty. Every one of us, guilty. Every one of us breaking those commandments.”