The last couple of posts here have been what Christians would call the “Bad News.”

So what’s the “Bad News”?  It’s not just outward actions that are sinful; in our essence we are sinful.  Every.  Body.

And it’s not just the things we typically think of that are sinful.  Not doing something that you know is good, is sinful.  Making something else ultimate besides God is sinful.  Not revering God for giving us the very air we breathe—ignoring Him—is sinful.  We consider ourselves good when we compare ourselves to other.  We’re good until God comes into the room.  Nobody is holy like Him.  Nobody.

So, this is just the way we are.  Nobody I know would like to have their thoughts projected on a screen for everyone to see.  We’re selfish.  We tend to think mostly about ourselves, not about God or others—not to mention other “interesting” thoughts that go through our minds that I, personally, would be happy for no one to know.

So, we have a problem.

That’s where the wonderful word “however” comes in.  Although it’s true we are quite unholy, we are not left without an answer.  A man—actually God in human flesh—died to break apart the sin and cause us to be created anew.

Available for free for all who will believe in Jesus, who loves us.