Early in his Christian life, William Booth, the founder of the Salvation Army, had a vision of the judgment seat. He saw that every day of his life, every thought, and every deed had been recorded to be evaluated, examined and judged. When Jesus approached him, he was overwhelmed by the wonder of His presence and the saints and martyrs who were gathered around. When Jesus looked at him, it was not a look of approval. Jesus said, “Thou wilt feel thyself little in harmony with these, once the companions of My tribulations and now of My glory, who counted not their lives dear unto themselves in order that they might bring honor to Me and salvation to men.” Jesus then gave a look of admiration at the apostles and martyrs and warriors gathered around Him. William Booth said that he would have died one-hundred times, that he would have been willing to be torn apart by wild animals, simply to receive that look of approval that He gave to the apostles and martyrs.