So, a question. Do we lead like the Gentiles, from positions of authority, or do we lead like the youngest, a status that communicates no inherent respect or authority? Do we lead from the top down or from the bottom up?

I don’t want to make anyone uncomfortable here—well, I really do—but isn’t that the Gentile way of leadership Jesus told us not to conform to?

Why do we ignore Him in this?

I think I know why. It’s the system that we have inherited. It’s the system that we’re comfortable with. It’s the system that “works” and keeps the wheels rolling.

It’s the system that employs us.

However, our traditions, systems and employment shouldn’t matter, ultimately, in how we lead, because we’re talking about obedience to the word of God here. Jesus told us to lead like we’re the youngest, plain and simple. It’s our job to figure out how to do that in our relationship with Him. I find it interesting that we evangelicals are always exhorting people to live according to the Word, to conform our lives to the Word, memorize the Word, study the Word and obey it—when we, the leaders, do not obey these very clear words of Jesus ourselves.

What kind of leaders are we, then?

I’d like to ask another question here: Who do you know in the ministry who leads like they’re the youngest person on staff? Who in the ministry do you know who doesn’t lead like the Gentiles lead?