The modern evangelical church service has become a presentation of talent. There is nothing wrong with the use of talent. It is given by God. However, we have lifted up talent, looks, education—presentability—and have disallowed those less favored. David would have remained out in the pasture with the sheep; Gideon abandoned at the winepress. The widow of Zarephath would have starved with her handful of meal. Shepherds would have been left wondering if they were worthy to share their amazing news of the revelation of God’s glory. Aged Anna and Simeon would have died without speaking those wondrous words of prophecy about the Lord Jesus. Mary Magdalene, who had seven demons, would have withheld her startling glad tidings. The Western evangelical Church has limited itself. It has limited itself by using worldly definitions of what is presentable. There are so many people of “insignificance” through whom God may wish to speak, but we have denied them the opportunity. This has weakened us. This has impoverished us. Let us return to the biblical truth: when we are weak, then we are strong.