Leaders, as servants, suffer. Leaders must die, both figuratively, as part of the Lord’s sanctification process in us, and perhaps literally, should the situation arise. A bondservant is owned by his master—he is his possession. His master may do with him whatever he wishes. The servant’s primary objective in life is singular: to do what his master tells him to do. If that means walking the difficult path of suffering in obedience to Him, that is where we will go. We are fooling ourselves if we think that, as leaders, we should be the ones who should live so we will be able to “head up the organization” and “keep the wheels rolling” while everyone else sacrifices. Rather, we are bondservants and examples of sacrifice. We should be the first ones who volunteer for the cross. As we have read, that’s what leaders do.

Would He really purpose for leaders to suffer?

Yes. There are scriptural precedents.