Spiritual DNA


In the days before Laurie and I left Israel, we spent many hours talking, thinking and praying about our departure. We discussed whether or not we would continue to serve on the mission field in another country. If we didn’t—and the more we hashed it over with each other and with the Lord, this was the way we were leaning—the more it became apparent that we would need to seek employment back in the States. This was going to be challenging. Our resume´s as former missionaries were…interesting.

Laurie and I had prayed earnestly, separately and apart, for direction. However, the answer I received from God wasn’t one I was expecting.

One morning as I was praying, I began by addressing the Father. However, this time as I came into His presence, speaking His name, He very quietly but very strongly spoke to my heart. He said, “Just as much as your earthly father was your father, I am your father.” Now, this isn’t revolutionary truth—it’s standard, foundational Christian doctrine. However, it was revelationary truth, because He was making it real to me by His Spirit. What the Father was imprinting on my life was that He had, in essence, given me His spiritual DNA. I was really, truly His son, just as much—more so—than an earthly son. Quickly following this statement, He asked a question: “Since your earthly father took care of you, how could you ever think I wouldn’t take care of you?”

The Jews are the descendants of Abraham by virtue of natural genetics. Born-again Christians are descendants of God Himself by virtue of spiritual genetics. Yes, it’s true. By His grace, we are literally, spiritually God’s own sons and daughters.

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