Let’s revisit the requirements for discipleship from Luke 14:25-35.

To be Jesus’ disciple you must love Him more than anything else in your world. You must love Him more than you love your family, including your spouse and children, as well as loving Him more than your own life (vs. 26). You must be willing to make the decision to suffer and die for Him, when and if that is necessary (vs. 27). You must give up, from your heart, everything for Him, including your possessions (vs. 33). Jesus clearly tells us in verses 34 and 35 that unless we do these things, we are like flavorless salt that really isn’t good for much, not good for the soil, not even good for the manure pile; it’s just thrown away. Think about this—not good enough for the manure pile. It sounds like Jesus wasn’t that concerned about our earthly self-esteem when He was teaching us the importance of following Him in discipleship.

Jesus expects these commitments from us because He made them Himself—He chose to make them.