The Costly Mantle of Discipleship


One of the reasons the leadership of the contemporary Western Church is teetering on the brink of biblical failure is that many of our pastors and leaders have not taken upon themselves the costly mantle of Jesus’ discipleship requirements (Luke 14), nor have they taught them. Let’s ask Him to change that, to transform our hearts so that we will be men and women who are willing to give up everything in order to be His disciples. He will answer that prayer because He greatly desires disciples. He told us to go out and make them. But He will not compromise His standards to boost His numbers. He will not compromise them because He knows that the only way to our fulfillment and His glory is total obedience to His life-denying requirements—to Him.

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  1. I remember reading “the Costly Anointing” several years ago and wrestling my way through the concepts. Ha! Really, it is just one concept – DIE! But our Western Church has taught us for so long that God wants us to prosper, to be in good health, to be “blessed” and that we are “favored” … all true, but not in the sense we’ve been taught. I have actually been thinking much about this myself. We see and hear daily about Muslims willing to die for their beliefs … right or wrong, they’re committed totally! It breaks my heart they are so deceived, and yet those of us who know the TRUTH embrace it half-heartedly … when it suits us. When our many attempts fail to achieve any desired end, we reach out to God …

    Ah Jim! It is scary to sell out, but even more so to hold back! Admittedly, his Love has not chased away all my fears … yet! But for today, I’m sold out … redeemed by the greatest love imaginable. ♥

      1. I want it to be easy! Lol Jump in once and the river takes over,but no … He allows us to continually choose His way or our own. And how often we blame Him for the consequenses???

        I don’t know why He loves us, but I’m so very grateful He does! I can still hear my gramma whispering in her broken German – Anything worthwhile is worth paying for! (Her oldest sister was an traveling evangelist! Ha! Had her own tent & everything!)

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