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Wow. Questioning Rick Warren’s Daniel Weight Loss Plan sure stirs people up! You would have thought that I questioned the divinity of Jesus.

The first question we should ask about what is going on at Saddleback is: What on earth does Daniel’s fast have to do with obesity and losing weight? Don’t know? I’ll tell you: Nothing.

Rick Warren has asked three doctors, Dr. Oz, Dr. Amen and Dr. Hyman  to help promote this weight loss plan. Here’s some info on all three.

Concerning Dr. Oz:

From Wikipedia:

“His father’s family believes in the integration of Islam and government; his mother’s family are secular Muslims. He has been influenced by the mysticism of Sufi Muslims,[33] as well as the ideas of Emanuel Swedenborg, the Swedish scientist, philosopher, and Christian theologian.[34] He recently wrote in Spirituality and Health Magazine that ‘As I came into contact with Swedenborg’s many writings, I began to understand Swedenborg’s profound insights and how they applied directly to my life’. He mentions Swedenborg’s ideas that marriage lasts to eternity, everyone has a purpose in this world, God is love, and Swedenborg’s answers to ‘Why do bad things happen?’.[35]

Oz is a practitioner of Transcendental Meditation. ‘When I meditate, I go to that place where truth lives,’ he said. ‘I can see what reality really is, and it is so much easier to form good relationships then.’[36]”

Next, Dr. Amen. This is an article from his website, which promotes meditation:


And here’s an advertisement for a CD series he sells, promoting Tantric sex:

“In this fun and highly practical 6 CD series, renowned neuroscientist Daniel Amen, M.D. and advanced certified Tantra educator T.J. Bartel explore many ways to boost your physical and emotional intimacy overnight. Together they show you how to experience maximum pleasure with your partner. Most of us never obtain proper sexual education, even though sexual messages are everywhere. This course will give you the underlying neuroscience of intimate connection, mixed with the ancient Tantra art of sexual healing. You will learn how to enhance your most intimate relationships, as well as learn many very practical suggestions on what you can do right now to improve your lovemaking skills.” (http://store.amenclinics.com/create-more-passion-tonight-audio-cd-set)

And concerning Dr. Hyman, you might want to check out what he thinks about shamans:


Why didn’t Rick Warren enlist Christian doctors in this endeavor? It’s one thing to reach out to unbelievers. It’s another to have them speaking from the platform you have given them.