I like watching television shows about the universe. I appreciate the efforts of scientists to help us understand how big the earth, sun and the planets are in relation to other objects in the universe, as well as how immense the distances are.

But I gotta admit, in spite of all their best efforts, I just can’t really comprehend it. I mean, I understand the videos and model mock-ups, but…it’s just too much for my little brain to handle. They say there are hundreds of billions of galaxies in the universe, and each galaxy has hundreds of billions of stars. To me, a thousand of something is a lot. I wasn’t personally familiar with over a hundred thousand dollars until we bought our third house. A million? A billion? I don’t have a million or a billion of anything. I’ve never even counted to a million and don’t intend to. So, when they start throwing around numbers like hundreds of billions, my mind goes blank.

The speed of light? 670,616,629.38 miles per hour, they say. 186,282.4 miles per second. What does that even mean? I can travel, maybe, six feet in one second, on a good day.

Feeling pretty secure when you stand on old Terra Firma? I do, too. Don’t feel like I’m moving at all. But consider these facts:

The earth rotates, depending on where you are on the earth, between 700 to 1,038 miles per hour. (The speed increases the closer one is to the equator.)

That’s pretty fast, but most of us have traveled almost that fast, if we’ve flown commercially. A jetliner’s average speed is 500 to 600 miles per hour. So imagine yourself on a top, spinning around at that speed.

Now, that fast spinning top itself is circling around the sun at around 67,000 miles an hour.

Um, nobody has ever traveled that fast, but that’s how fast the earth is zipping around the sun. Wow. 67,000 miles an hour. Sound travels at 768 miles per hour. We’re circling the sun at almost 90 times the speed of sound.


But that’s not all. The solar system itself, the whole shootin’ match, is orbiting the center of the Milky Way galaxy at around 560,000 miles per hour.

Zoom times eight or so.

The Milky Way galaxy itself is traveling along at—well, apparently it’s speed is less certain—somewhere between 290,802 mph to 2,236,936 miles per hour relative to other galaxies.

Spinning, revolving, hurtling through space, all at the same time, at mind-bending speeds. This is all just—what word should I use? Incredible? Unbelievable?

But it is believable.

I believe, in faith, that God created the universe. And I believe one of the reasons that He created these things was to boggle our minds. Call me pessimistic or backward-thinking, but I just don’t think human beings will ever be able to travel at light speed or get to the nearest star, Alpha Centauri, which is 4.2 light years away. Traveling at the speed of light for 4.2 years. Yeah, like that will happen anytime soon. Well, Alpha Centauri 25 trillion miles away. If one traveled at rocket speed, it would take 165,000 years to get there. Hope those hyper-whatever sleep chambers have a very long warranty…

The Bible is clear that creation speaks of His glory. I may not be able to comprehend how fast objects travel in space or how immense the universe is, but I believe that He created it all for us to wonder at how amazing, powerful and creative He is.

Thank You, Lord. I worship You. You are amazing beyond our ability to express it.