The fifth portion of the Lord’s Prayer we’ll be looking at is this statement: Your will be done on earth as it is heaven.

What does it mean when we pray, “Your will be done, Lord”?

Great question. What I don’t think it means is that we should only insert here everything we want the Lord to do about the issues that concern us. I would think that, at this point in the prayer, we would tell our Father that of all the things that concern us, we surrender them all to Him. Now, that may indeed include a very urgent need, one that is consuming our thoughts and emotions. Please keep in mind that the reason I say this is my own opinion, based upon practicality. If your prayer life is relatively serious, where you’re praying not only about the issues that concern you or your family but those that affect your country and the world as well, you just simply won’t have the time to do that here. You’d never be able finish the rest of the prayer! And please know that I’m not attempting to establish rules about how to pray. This article is just me wondering about the meaning of the Lord’s Prayer. If this is where you think you should pray about everything, please don’t assume I’m trying to prevent that.

I think what’s happening here is that the Lord wants us to surrender, generally, our wills to Him. We do this sincerely, from our hearts, not just saying words. Keep in mind that you might have to work at this, because this prayer has become, unfortunately, a mindless chant for much of Christendom. So, think with me here. We have just told the Father that He is our Father, that we agree with His purpose that His name is made holy on the earth and that we want His kingdom to come—one where He is ruling, not us. Therefore, it makes sense—to me, anyway—that a releasing of our wills to His will follows the thought flow here. “Father, I know what I think I need. I know how I think my life should unfold. I think lots of things. But I want Your will to be done in my life, not mine. I surrender every aspect of my life—my career, my money, this current problem, my future.”

The more I read Jesus’ teaching, the more I am coming to understand that the big pillars of walking with Him have to do with surrender, sacrifice and humility out of love for Him. Now, I don’t know if those are three separate pillars or just one, big one, but I think we miss it if we have reduced our walk with the Lord to just knowing in our heads a superficial rightness and wrongness. I have come to understand that we won’t even understand that rightness and wrongness if we aren’t living lives of surrender, sacrifice and humility, not out of obligation, but out of love for our amazing Savior and His gracious Father.