This is the final installment in our thoughts about the Lord’s Prayer. I leave this study with a little sadness. I know that I have barely scratched the surface of His prayer. Maybe in a few years I’ll have more to share.

The last part is simply three words: “forever and ever.” Again, like so much of this prayer, we say these words easily, letting them just fall from our lips. Let’s try not to let this happen, by His grace. The preceding words were, “For Yours is the kingdom and the power and the glory.” So, what is it that is forever and ever? Well, of course, He is. But in this prayer, Jesus emphasizes that the Father’s kingdom, power and glory are everlasting.

His kingdom will be forever and ever. There will be no change of administration or rulership. His reign is eternal. This is a wonderful thought, if we’ll pause a moment. I’m not a great student of history. I know just a little bit. However, one doesn’t have to have a doctorate to know that many of the greatest kingdoms that have existed on earth no longer…exist. The kingdoms of the Assyrians, Babylonians, Hittites, Mayans and Aztecs, to name a few, are gone. The once great nations of Greece, Spain, Portugal and Rome are a few of the formerly powerful kingdoms that are but shadows of their former “glory.” Right now, we have the United States at the top of the heap with China pushing for preeminence, and Russia flexing her muscles. Where will these nations be five hundred years from now, if the Lord doesn’t return? Of course, there is no way to predict these things. But of one thing we can be sure: God’s kingdom will last…forever. Forever is a difficult idea to wrap one’s head around, but you and I should both know that, if we’re Christians, we will be part of God’s kingdom a trillion years from now. Not just part of it—sons, daughters and co-heirs with Christ in it. Now, honestly, I have little idea what that means, but surely it is good and glorious, because He is the good and gracious King.

His power will last forever and ever. He has an everlasting kingdom. We don’t. He has power. In and of ourselves, we wield very little power. One could maintain that we don’t really have any power at all in any eternally significant way. We Christians get to partake in the use of His power while we live on this earth, but clearly, the power to heal, deliver and save comes from Him, not from us. God’s power is so immense that we can’t comprehend it. Somehow, out of nothing, He created all that exists. If we were to build a few buildings we would think we were pretty hot stuff—and we’d be using the stuff that God already provided for us. If we had to create the building material ourselves out of nothing, there wouldn’t be any buildings at all. The book of Revelation tells us that in heaven, there will be no need for lamps or the sun anymore because the Lord will be our light: “And night will be no more. They will need no light of lamp or sun, for the Lord God will be their light, and they will reign forever and ever” (Revelation 22:5 ESV).  I have no doubt in my mind that He will be able to pull this off with no blackouts, brownouts or interruptions. His power is forever and ever.

Finally, His glory is forever. Jack Hayford once said that the reason the inhabitants in heaven are continually giving praise to God is because He is always doing wondrous things. Right now, as I type this, I have little doubt that, all over the world, people are getting healed, delivered, saved and called. Not only that, at this very moment, He is upholding all things in the universe by the word of His power (Hebrews 1:3). The glory will be His, not ours, forever and ever. If that thought makes you uncomfortable or seems like God is being egotistical, I encourage you to ask Him to allow you to know Him better—more fully and deeply. Everything that God does is good, and praise to Him is not only right and proper, it edifies us and puts our souls aright. It’s the way He’s wired us, and in this we find joy, fulfillment and satisfaction.

Father, thank You that your kingdom, power and glory are forever. You are amazing.

Thanks for hanging in with me through this study. I’ve enjoyed it, and I hope you have, too.