2009-02-23_1518_helpfulwallsignOne of the puzzling things Christians have been saying for the last fifteen years or so is, “God has a purpose for your life.”

However, that doesn’t sound puzzling, does it?

But it is.

It’s puzzling because there’s some truth running around in that sentence, but there’s a lot of cranial smoke and theological fog swirling around it.

If you don’t know what I mean, here’s a sentence that should clear up the smog:

Jesus is your purpose.

Please allow me to explain.

If a person becomes a disciple of Jesus Christ (see Luke 14:25-34 ), Jesus will, by His Spirit, lead him or her into all truth. Jesus said He was, after all, the Way, the Truth, and the Life. Because that statement from Jesus is so familiar to us, let’s pause a moment and think about what it means. One of the problems Christians have after reading and hearing the Bible quoted for several years is that we switch on the, “Yeah, yeah. I know that” self-talk. This can be very dangerous, because we think we know biblical truths when we only know them superficially.

Jesus said that He was the Way, Truth, and Life after He had told the disciples that He was going to go and prepare a place for them, and that they knew the way to where He was going. In spite of this, however, Thomas asked, “Lord, we do not know where you are going. How can we know the way?” (John 14:5).

Jesus then replied with the well-known truth: He was the way to where He was going.

In other words, all that is necessary for us to be with Him and the Father both here on earth and forever are in Him. He is The Way to that destination and all that entails.

In addition, since He is the Truth, He will tell us all that is truly necessary for us to get there, with no omissions or mistakes. The Lord is not inattentive. He is not unaware of—anything. We just too often think He is. No. He has the stunning power to attend to you, along with everyone else on the earth.

And since He is the Life, there is no genuine life in anyone else, in any other place, or in any other truth. Period.

And finding your purpose is not finding life. Purpose is not life. Jesus is life.


If we are His disciples, He will provide all that we need for the way of life and the truth of life; indeed, life itself.

It’s not that He knows about life and can teach us about life.

Life is Him.

And thus, our purpose is Him.

Now, to clear up any remaining spiritual smoke. Does the Lord have something specific that He wants you to do?

Sure. And He will tell you what that is, because He is the Way, the Truth, and the Life. He will make the way of it, the truth of it, very clear. The believer doesn’t have to spend hours in prayer and fasting to discover these things. He knows how to make His will known to you, unmistakably. I encourage you to read the Bible about how the Lord made it clear to people what He wanted. Hint: There was no silent meditation involved. Jesus speaks and things happen. His voice is…compelling.

Will it be a call to ministry? Will it be a call to be a mom or dad? Does He have a gift or gifts that He has given or will give you?

It could be one or all of those things. He knows.

And He will let you know.

So, if you hear someone say, “God has a purpose for your life,” say back, “Jesus is my purpose.”

Keep the center of life on Him, not on you.

Blow away the smoke.

All scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2001). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society.