This may seem like an odd title for a post, I suppose, but I’m endeavoring to add a note of truth to the beautiful account of Jesus’ birth in the stable; a fuller understanding of who this Baby was, in His immense glory. The impotent infant Jesus we read about in those accounts in Matthew and Luke left His home in heaven, more magnificent than we can imagine, possessing more power than we can imagine, to this dark, rebellious planet, so he could…die. He has called all Christians to enter into that self-denying-I-will-die-for-God-and-others life, as well. Please keep this in mind when someone tells you that you should live a purpose-driven life.

But I digress.

This God-in-the-flesh Man is called, among many other things, a Prince of Peace. Why is that?

If you believe in Him, Jesus brings peace with God. You will now begin to know the truth. Reality. Meaning—the deep, eternal truth of the way things really are. Primary among those truths is that you need to be delivered from your sins, which has tragically kept you from the God of All Things, your true, good Father and Creator. Upon repenting and believing in the One who offered Himself for you, you are no longer an enemy of God. You become His son or daughter. Jesus is now not only your Savior, but your friend and brother. Jesus alone brings this peace. He is its Prince; its keeper, captain, and chief—He alone.

As overwhelmingly important and precious as this truth is, I want to focus on another meaning of God’s peace in this post, taken from what Paul wrote to the Philippian church: “The Lord is at hand; do not be anxious about anything, but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known to God. And the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus” (Philippians 4:5–7).1

How does peace come, relieving anxiety, if we make our requests known to God? Peace comes because we believe that our good God knows everything concerning your future and He will love you through it all. Nothing happens on the earth or in the universe that He does not cause or allow, and that includes your existence. Thus, he knows about and controls all the events from before the moment that you finish this sentence moving forward into all the minutes, days, months, and years that follow. To help explain this, here’s an excerpt from the book, The God We Do Not Know.

“God’s unerring knowledge of future events should give us peace in stressful situations. Perhaps this analogy will prove helpful. If you watch a football game on delayed broadcast and know your team has already won, you are not anxious about the outcome, even though as you watch, you see that your team is behind in the final minutes of the fourth quarter. In a sense, you have perfect sovereign knowledge of that small bit of information. If we are sons and daughters of our amazing Father, we have access to the peace of the One who knows all things at all times. If we earnestly strive to keep our minds steadfast on this perfect-knowledge-of-the-end-from-the-beginning God, there is peace there, perfect peace. He knows the outcome of “your game,” so to speak—He has known it since the beginning of time.” 2

The Baby born in the manger way back when, over two thousand years ago, arrived to accomplish many things. Among them is to give you the prayerful ability to know that your life is in the hands of an unbelievably, loving being who has only good, ultimately, eternally, in mind for you, that He and He alone can accomplish.

“Peace on earth,” the angels proclaimed when Jesus was born.

Yes. Peace with God. Peace for the future, all the way through your life and into eternity, all of it in the masterful control of the great God who loves you.

Merry Christmas.

All Scripture quotations are from The Holy Bible: English Standard Version. (2016). Wheaton: Standard Bible Society. 1

Thomson, Jim. The God We Do Not Know. Resource Publications, Eugene: Wipf and Stock Publishers, (2016) p. 46.2