The God We Do Not Know


God is alive with wonder, a soul-filling conflagration of improbable truth.  He loves us as He detonates our spiritual assumptions, turning our religious worlds upside down.

In The God We Do Not Know, we will attempt to gain insight into a God who demolishes us, it seems, at every turn. He possesses mind-bending intelligence, creativity, power, and love. Therefore, if we truly want to know Him, His truths will inevitably lead us into rough, unpredictable–but wondrous–terrain. We must investigate these truths; be stormed, shattered, and swept away, in love, by them.

At times this journey is spiny and steep but, in every case, brimming with joy, with compassion, with wonder.

In The God We Do Not Know, Jim Thomson introduces us to aspects of God’s heart, character, and ways that are counter-intuitive. He exposes us to the God who is not what we would expect, a God who surprises us with lowliness and insignificance but who is completely powerful, perfect, and loving. Here is a deeply biblical study about the God who wants to change your life. Enjoy the discoveries ahead!

–George Butron, missionary; pastor

In our counseling ministry many people discover it is their view of God, and not God Himself, that has failed them. In The God We Do Not Know, Thomson invites Christians to pause and consider whether the God they profess to know is the God of the Bible, or simply a culturally informed idol. This is a great read for anyone who thinks Christianity has failed them.

–Rick Peterson, co-founder and president, The Center for Biblical Recovery

This book brings us into the presence of a loving, gracious God, who works in mysterious ways to acomplish his plans in our life and in the world.

–John Joseph, pastor, general superintendent, Church of the Foursquare Gospel, India

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