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What George Tiller did to unborn babies was heinous and, in a just world with a just government, worthy of punishment under law.  What the mothers of those babies suffered afterwards is also unspeakably tragic.  However, it is never right to take the law into one’s own hands and wreak vengeance outside the existing laws of government.  Murder is condemned in Scripture, and Scott Roeder’s act must be condemned.

I don’t know if Roeder claims to be a Christian or not, or if he is just a fanatical anti-abortionist.  In cases where the existing law is immoral, as is the case with abortion in this nation, a Christian’s view is to do what one can, legally, to help change such laws.  When that is not possible, Christians are to take an eternal perspective.  There will be justice someday.  If not on earth, then in heaven.



Yay!  Here’s some really good news for babies!  And moms.

From the most recent Gallup poll: More Americans “Pro-Life” Than “Pro-Choice” for First Time

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A couple of days ago, I posted an article expressing my sadness about the recent changes in the United States in regard to the funding of international abortion clinics and the change at the FDA in its policy about research on human embryos.

I rarely post about issues like this, because they tend to take the focus off of what is most important in life: a relationship with a living God. However, these recent changes have indeed saddened me, and more than saddened me—I see them as an ominous degradation of our culture. It’s not surprising that several have disagreed.

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In light of the fact that our government is now financially supporting international abortion clinics, this video is interesting.


Our new president has signed some executive orders in these first days after his inauguration. Here is, from my point of view, the very saddest for our nation: President Obama has reversed our abortion-funding policy for international family planning clinics. One of the reasons?

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2009-06-27_1730_48_downloadedFifty million children have been killed by doctors, with the permission of their parents, in this country.

Can’t help but wonder what God thinks about this.

Interesting, isn’t it, how the slaughter of children has become “progressive” in this nation.  We are “advanced in our thinking” when we agree it’s all right to kill babies and “backward” when we don’t.  The destruction of babies by their own parents makes perfect sense.

We have elected a man for president to whom this makes perfect sense as well.

Can’t help but wonder what God thinks about this.

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