What Is Happening At Asbury?

What is happening at Asbury University? I confess that haven’t traveled the 1,700 miles to Tennessee to investigate. However, I have been pleasantly surprised by the positive reports I have seen from mainstream media outlets. So, I asked myself why that was the case. The reasons for the positive reports are easy to understand. Who... Continue Reading →

Civil Laws Cannot Stop Our Desire To Do Evil. We Have Desired It, And We Shall Have It.

I’m reading through the Book of Leviticus as part of my read-through-the-Bible-then-start-all-over-again reading plan. Yesterday I came to Chapter Eighteen of Leviticus, in which the Lord told His people to keep His rules and statutes as they entered the land He had promised. If they did, they would find life. “You shall therefore keep my... Continue Reading →

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