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Christians in democratic societies are faced with a reality that our forebearers in the Church did not know: our ability to vote and thus change the officials in the administrations that govern us. In Paul’s day, people were ruled by emperors and kings. They had no choice in matters of governance unless they wanted to attempt a revolution, with which Christians were unlikely to involve themselves. Democracy, as far as earthly governments are concerned, is much better than authoritarian rule; however, it is both a blessing and a curse. In a Christian nation, citizens voting for upright leaders should be a blessing. However, since majority rules, democracy is a blessing only so long as most of the people are good; that is, they share at least a cultural understanding of Christian morality. When the majority is evil, however, evil leaders will be elected. In this situation, for Christians, democracy becomes a curse.

In some ways, that curse is upon us. In this day, that curse is principally embodied in the Democrat party. Does that sound stunningly and politically one-sided? No, that is not the case. Please allow me to explain. In 1973, when the Supreme Court ruled that abortion was a right for women in the United States, a ruling the Democrat party endorsed, I could not thereafter vote for any candidate of that party. And, for that same reason today I will not. Politics has nothing to do with it. Any political candidate or group that supports the murdering innocent, helpless, children will never get my vote.


Let me speak plainly. The killing of children is evil, and those who support it are, as well. I hope that one day the people of the United States will look back on these dark days since 1973 with horror, days that are much worse than slavery and treatment of native Americans; worse even than the Holocaust and the deaths under Stalin and Mao. Sixty million murdered children and counting.

The next significant event that solidified my opposition to the Democrat party was the Brett Kavanaugh hearings before the Senate Judiciary Committee on September 4-7, 2018. I was astounded by the questionings of the Democrat members of that committee. I knew, like everyone else who has an ounce of experience in such things, that politicians prevaricate, spin, and outright lie. It’s sad that this is the state of politics, but some of it I understand. Reporters and others ask yes or no questions to try to back the politician into a corner so he or she will give a black or white answer that can be used to attack him or her at some future date; probably the same day. Many of these questions are too complicated or need a background explanation which cannot be supplied with a simple binary answer. I also understand that politicians need to go after one another in some way in order to be elected—hopefully without descending into a mucky gutter. However, what I witnessed during the Kavanaugh hearings over a year ago shocked me. To my surprise, I realized that these Democrat men and women were not just politicians attacking Kavanaugh to defeat his nomination, they were evil. Again, prevarications and attacks from politicians I understand and can tolerate; evil, I cannot—and evil was on abundant display during those hearings as these twisted men and women attempted to destroy the candidate before them. I was horrified by what I saw and heard. These assaults were unleashed because they thought that Justice Kavanaugh, considered a conservative judge, would one day support a challenge to Roe v. Wade. Thus, politicians who advocated killing babies were maliciously slandering and smearing someone who might vote that babies should live. It is possible to be more evil than this, surely, but we are approaching the nadir of darkness here. So, I call upon Democrats to repent. You are loved by God in spite of your sins, as we all are. Come to Jesus. Come home to your Father. He will forgive you of your evil, as He has me and all other Christians.

Please pray with me that this democratic republic of the United States will be a blessing to its inhabitants and not a curse. We Christians live in strange times, when evil is called good and good evil. It is true that we do not set our hope on the kingdoms of the earth. We set our hope on the righteous reign that is to come, ruled by the only perfect, wise King: Jesus. Nevertheless, it is our duty to seek out justice and do right while the temporary governments of earth exist. Father, please forgive us and this nation. Please stop the killing of innocent children. Have mercy on us. Save us. Bring us all to the wonderful knowledge of the one true God.


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