The Son Of Thunder Learns Humility

We met on a railway platform in India. The man introduced himself as Charles Victor. His initiation of a conversation with a stranger wasn’t unusual. Westerners stick out a bit in India. Without any more information, Laurie and I knew immediately that he was probably a Christian. In India, born-again Christians often change their names... Continue Reading →

We Walk A Long, Hard Trail With Jesus. Sometimes We Fall. He Loves Us Every Step Of The Way.

I tend to hold grudges against those who have said and done me ill. I have repeatedly asked the Lord to take this from my heart, but nothing seems to change. Because of this, I was recently thinking about the nature of biblical love and how far I was falling short of it. This is... Continue Reading →

So, Maybe I Am More Holy Than Thou.

The Pharisees, the religious leaders in the time of Jesus, were legalistic. They claimed they were righteous because they always obeyed the laws of God and that made them righteous. Thus, they considered themselves superior to others. Not only that, but they also added more commandments to God’s law and condemned others for disobeying them.... Continue Reading →

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