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In the first post entitled, “Should Christians Tithe to the Church?” we discovered, biblically, that that “principle” is taught nowhere—nowhere—in the Bible. Please note that I just wrote that this is a “principle” that is taught in churches. We call it a principle because we don’t want to call it law. Law puts on the other side from grace. We don’t want to go there, so we call tithing a principle. Even for those churches who teach that tithing is not in the New Testament, they will still require adherence to it—or some other kind of giving—if one wants to become a member, a covenant member, on the council, an elder—whatever we want to call those who are on the “inside.” The thinking may be phrased in this question, or something like it: “How can you say you’re a committed member here if you’re not giving to this church? And I don’t mean $10 a month.”

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pesos What would happen if the tithing system in our churches disappeared?

Just asking.

It’s an interesting question and one that we should consider.

Why should we consider it?

Because tithing to the church is nowhere to be found in the New Testament.

The scripture that churches typically use to encourage their people to tithe to their organization is this passage from the Old Testament:

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