God Hunts The Buffalo

The other night, Laurie and I watched a PBS Nature documentary entitled, Cold Warriors: Wolves and Buffalo. A photographer and his crew traveled to Wood Buffalo National Park in the northern Canadian plains, where the wolves and the buffalo roam. (My apologies.) It concerns how wolves and buffalo interact, which is starkly black and white.... Continue Reading →

Fearfully And Wonderfully Made. It Means More Than You Think.

We humans consider ourselves unique. This is true. We are. The origin of our uniqueness is in our DNA. We have no part in how that deoxyribonucleic acid was assembled. However, if we are willing to listen, we can know how. Scripture tells us. David wrote, “For you formed my inward parts; you knitted me... Continue Reading →

God Owns Everything. And He Owns You.

Early in my Christian life, I heard this truth: “God owns the cattle on a thousand hills.” Honestly, I gave it very little thought—actually, no thought at all. It was just a factoid plugged into the multitude of things I was learning about the Lord, but it had no impact on my life. Well, recently... Continue Reading →

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