God And The Delta Variant

So, here I am, recipient of two COVID-19 vaccinations and being encouraged to get a booster. Scientists are concerned about a Delta variant. After two injections, I still am under the mandate to wear a mask. I have serious doubts that this third shot will have much effect as the virus continues to mutate. Will... Continue Reading →

Power Incomprehensible. Holiness Unreachable. Sin Abominable. Love Eternal.

In this article, we will consider a being that possesses power that we cannot conceive. Mankind created the most potent force yet possible for humans, nuclear power. However, many powers not produced by us exist over which we have no control. Hurricanes. Tornados. Earthquakes. Floods. We work to mitigate their effects, but that’s all we... Continue Reading →

Was Blind Willie Johnson Right?

            “God don’t never change,” sang Blind Willie Johnson in a song recorded a little over ninety years ago, in 1929. Was Blind Willie’s theology on track? Yes, it was. The Lord said the same thing about Himself. “For I the LORD do not change; therefore you, O children of Jacob, are not consumed” (Malachi... Continue Reading →

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