Christians, Hold Fast. The Rebellion Is Coming.

Jesus commands Christians to preach the gospel and make disciples of all nations. Along with those overarching commands, the Lord calls individuals to do specific things. In my life, He called me to be a pastor and subsequently a missionary. In the last few years, He has added to those callings. I am to warn... Continue Reading →

No One Will Have A Secret.

Laurie and I were watching a trial recently in which a man named Matt Moore was accused of strangling his wife and then staging a scene to make it look like she had hung herself. She was found three months after her disappearance, hanging from a tree branch with a USB cord around her neck.... Continue Reading →

The Tears Were Unrelenting

It happened about six years ago. But the event that preceded it has a much longer history. Around fifty years. The account of these happenings may seem strange to you. Whether it does or doesn’t, it happened nevertheless. The first occurrence was around 1971. I was a pagan. A former drug user. I use the... Continue Reading →

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