It’s True. I Would Rather Lead Than Serve.

I bent down in front of the Bangladeshi pastor to illustrate the act of washing another’s feet. He, like every other man in the small church building, was sitting cross-legged on the concrete floor. His feet were bare, as were mine; as were all forty-five pastors. His feet swiftly disappeared under his legs. I turned... Continue Reading →

What Does It Mean to be a “Successful” Church Leader?

In the coming months, Laurie and I will be traveling to a foreign country to teach a group of pastors. One of the topics that will be addressed is leadership. I will tell these dedicated men that they should be very wary of—and even reject—many things that pastors and leaders from the West have taught... Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Leadership Exaltation

I tip my hat to the prophet Jeremiah. It will be interesting meeting such a man in God’s heavenly dwelling places. I wonder what that will be like. Of course, we have no way of knowing. But Jeremiah was so—strong. He is such a model—as all the prophets are—of dedication to the Lord God Almighty... Continue Reading →

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