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“There are many other fundamental differences (in the religions of the world). Hinduism itself contains adherents to virtually every opinion on the nature of God; a Hindu may be monotheistic, henotheistic, polytheistic, or pantheistic, depending upon his village or temple of origin. On the other hand, the three Western religions are strictly monotheistic. Both Buddhism and Hinduism teach reincarnation, a concept completely foreign to Christianity, Judaism (except among some fringe medieval mystics), and Islam. Many Buddhists and some liberal Jews actually deny the existence of God. And since Judaism and Islam bluntly deny Jesus’ divinity claim, either they are right and he is wrong, or vice versa. We cannot have it both ways.

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Do all religions take us on the same path to God?

Here’s some insight from The Gospel according to Moses, by Athol Dickson:

For example, as I mentioned earlier, Christianity is radically different from all other religions in one important way: it teaches that its human founder is God. No other world-wide religion makes this claim. If it is true, the God/man idea gives a level of authority to everything Jesus taught that no other religion can match, and this includes his famous “I am the way” assertion. Understanding this Christian’s commitment to the one-way doctrine must begin by recognizing that we believe this teaching comes directly from the lips of God Almighty. Either Jesus is God, or he is not. I had better believe everything he has to say, including “no one comes to the Father except through me.” If Jesus is not God, Christianity is a farce at best and an abomination at worst.

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