Spiritual Fathers in a Totaled-Yugo Culture


One of the major problems with the Western church is that there are so few men who are qualified to be fathers in the way Paul outlines, because living a life of sacrifice in Jesus Christ is so uncommon in our culture. We have few men who are likely to love Jesus and others more than themselves, as disciples do; who are willing to run into the conflagration that is our ease-loving society and carry out the limp bodies of slumbering men, saving them from sleep-induced nominalism and praying for them, helping them receive the life-giving, self-denying, empowering breath of the Spirit of God. We have few men who are capable of rescuing others from the disabled wreckage that our society has become; dragging them out, kicking and screaming, from the dangers of what has become a totaled-Yugo, secular culture that deceptively looks instead to us like a dent-free, shiny, eight-cylinder BMW.

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