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How do you view the miraculous? I’ll say that I tend to be skeptical, although supernatural things have happened to and through me. But they certainly don’t occur every day. Such events have been the exception rather than the rule in my forty years of walking with Jesus.

So, I’ll tell you what happened in our little fellowship this last Sunday, and you can do with it as you will.

We had prayed, praised and studied Scripture together. As we were talking about wrapping up the meeting, I asked, “Does anyone have anything else to share before we finish?”

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As I began to pray this morning, I felt a sudden burden for the Church. Since I usually go through life unburdened, except for the things that selfishly bother me, and because what I was hearing in my heart was, to the best of my knowledge and experience, what the Lord “sounds like” when He has spoken to me, this seemed genuinely to be from Him.

Obviously, you can decide for yourself whether you think this was something the Lord would say.

So, I took to my knees and interceded for the Church. As I prayed, I had the sense the Lord was saying that He had rejected the culture of the United States as well as the many aspects of the Church that had attached itself to it. I had a picture in my mind—I’m reluctant to say that the Lord put it there—of all of us on top of an avalanche. We were sitting on the materialistic detritus of our culture—all the tech goodies and luxuries that we so enjoy—and having a great time, seemingly oblivious to the reality of catastrophically rushing down a dangerous mountainside.

Now, the question is, what should my response be?


Tornadoes. Flooding. Earthquakes. Tsunamis.

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Here it is 2009!

What I’m about to tell you is not my fault.It’s not something I concocted or dreamed up. Nor is it the result of my theology or some apocalyptic worldview. Quite frankly, I hope I’m mistaken, that somehow I heard wrong. I freely admit my ability, my capacity to hear incorrectly. I am broken, as we all are.

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